Delonghi Magnifica Espresso Machine ReviewFor coffee aficionados, having a coffeemaker like the Delonghi Magnifica espresso machine at home is usually ideal. It allows them to make their favorite coffee drinks at home, ensuring they can start their day off right. Plus, it can be much cheaper in the long run to purchase a Delonghi automatic espresso machine than to hit a café every day.

But choosing the right option isn’t always easy. There are plenty of Delonghi espresso machines to choose from and, if you factor in any competitors, becoming overwhelmed by choice is possible. By looking at what the Delonghi ESAM3300 has to offer, you can determine if it’s the right option for you, allowing you to narrow down your search.

With that in mind, here is a Delonghi espresso machine review for the Magnifica, including a features overview, pros and cons list, and verdict.

Delonghi Magnifica Espresso Machine Review

Delonghi combination coffee and espresso machines are typically considered some of the best options on the market. The brand has stood the test of time and has a reputation for creating high-quality products.

The Delonghi Magnifica espresso machine lives up to the brand’s reputation. It features a robust design, comprehensive feature set, and a few additional perks that make it stand out from the crowd. For example, it takes much less time to clean the ESAM3300 than many competing espresso machines. This makes it more convenient for daily use, as you won’t have to spend a ton of time keeping everything hygienic.

Plus, learning to use the Delonghi Magnifica espresso machine is a breeze. The controls are incredibly intuitive. Once you learn what each image represents, you can make adjustments in mere seconds. It gives you a chance to perfect your morning coffee, creating the precise flavor profile you want each day.

Delonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Features

No Delonghi Magnifica review is complete without a thorough look at the machine’s features. Each one adds to the experience, increasing the odds that you can meet all of your coffee-related needs with a single product. Here’s what you get with this Delonghi espresso machine.

Steel Burr Grinder

Most coffee-lovers understand that freshly ground beans create the best espresso. With the Delonghi Magnifica, using freshly ground coffee has never been easier. The integrated steel burr grinder offers 13 settings, ensuring you can grind your beans just right. Plus, the larger bean storage area allows you to keep your whole beans in the espresso machine, ensuring they are available right when you need them.

Adjustable Milk System

If you enjoy cappuccinos, you’re in luck. The Delonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica includes a milk frother, ensuring you can get creamy, rich froth in mere moments. You won’t need a separate frother to achieve your ideal drink.

Plus, you can make adjustments for other coffee drinks with milk. Whether you want a latte, macchiato, or flat white, you can alter the levels and create your perfect coffee drink.

Brewing Controls

With the Delonghi Magnifica, you get a ton of control over your coffee. You have temperature, cup size, and coffee strength settings, enabling you to craft your ideal beverage.

Once you find your perfect brew, you can achieve it every time. The brewing controls keep the output consistent. Your espresso will come out just how you want it every time once it’s programmed. The machine essentially remembers your preferences, ensuring it can use them time and time again.

Quick Cleaning

When it comes to espresso machines, cleaning can be a burden. But, with this option from Delonghi, it doesn’t have to be. It takes about half of the time to clean as many competitor machines, ensuring it never becomes a hassle.

Delonghi Magnifica 3300 Pros and Cons

This Delonghi espresso machine has a ton to offer. Along with the fantastic feature set above, it heats up quickly and is easy to clean. Plus, you get a 7-ounce bean container and a 60-ounce water reservoir, so you can make plenty of fresh espresso drinks without having to refill anything.

However, some people may feel there are some drawbacks. First, while the Delonghi Magnifica ESAM3300 is by no means the most expensive option on the market, it isn’t going to be suitable for every budget. But, if you usually buy a cup of coffee at a café every morning before work, investing is a smart move. Usually, you can start saving money in less than a year, even when you factor in the cost of buying your own beans and milk.

Additionally, a Delonghi espresso machine like this one is fairly large. It takes up a decent amount of counter space, usually more than a traditional coffee maker. However, since it incorporates water and bean storage and a grinder, you might be able to save space with the ESAM3300, as you won’t need to store any of that separately.


  • Heats up in 60 seconds
  • Simple to clean
  • Makes espresso, americanos, cappuccinos, and lattes
  • Built-in steel burr grinder
  • Large reservoir and bean container

  • Might not fit every budget
  • Larger footprint than a regular coffeemaker

Delonghi Magnifica Review Verdict

Ultimately, the Delonghi Magnifica is an excellent choice. It’s made by a trusted brand, has a robust feature set, and gives you a lot of control over every cup you brew. Plus, it can save you money in the long run, allowing you to enjoy your favorite coffee drink without having to hit a café.

To put it simply, if you want to invest in a high-quality espresso machine, the Delonghi Magnifica ESAM3300 deserves your consideration. Take a look at the features and see if it meets your needs. If it does, you might find yourself incredibly pleased with this espresso machine.

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