Hi! My name is Hanna, and I’m an espresso machine addict. Ok, I’ll be honest. My home is not overflowing with espresso machines, but I did search long and hard for the absolute best espresso machine for me. I spent an obscene amount of time researching espresso machines because, let’s face it, these babies are a significant financial investment. I wanted to make sure I was getting the very best espresso machine for my money.

The good news is, I finally found the perfect machine for me and, hopefully, for you too. You see, I decided not to waste all the research I did to find that perfect machine because I figured I’m not the only person overwhelmed by all of the choices available on Amazon. So I built EspressoMachineAddict.com and asked some of my fellow addicts to contribute their espresso machine reviews as well. On this site, you’ll find all of our top espresso machine picks to help you find your own perfect cup of espresso.

If you’re wondering why I was willing to invest so much time and money for a ‘glorified coffee maker’ (my friend’s words), here’s the back story: I’ve always been a coffee drinker, and I’ve always preferred my coffee strong and black. I lived in Europe (France mostly) for a few years, and I got hooked on properly made espresso. Over there, every corner café (and bar and restaurant) has a proper espresso machine, usually imported straight from Italy. Your server takes the time to make a perfect coffee from scratch, be it an espresso, latte, cappuccino, whatever you fancy.

Coming back to North America, I just couldn’t handle the watered down drip coffee anymore. I was spending big bucks (to a company with bucks in its name) for adequate but not stellar coffee. When I totalled up what I paid to my local barista in a year, I figured investing in a well-built home espresso machine would pay for itself over time. I was right, and the best part is my espresso is exactly the way I like it every single time.


Hi, I’m Tracy and I’m an Espresso Machine addict too! It’s fitting that Hannah and I met over coffee because I’m a caffeine junkie. I’m a Happy Wifey and Mom to a rambunctious (but adorable) pre-schooler. We love to travel as a family and I’m a huge fan of anything homemade. After two years of expat life in the Netherlands, we now live in Modesto, California. I started blogging to share my favourite recipes and DYI projects and to have some ‘grown-up time’ when my little one is otherwise occupied (aka sleeping). When Hannah asked if I’d like to contribute to Espresso Machine Addict I jumped at the chance. In addition to my love of drinking coffee, I’m also obsessed with coffee culture around the world and hope to contribute some articles about coffee consumption in places from my past travels.

So if you’re a coffee addict like us, dive into our website and find the perfect espresso machine for you. If you already have a favourite machine we haven’t reviewed, we’d love to hear from you!