Coffee culture at the North Pole isn’t something that crosses many people’s minds. Instead, they typically focus on the many food and drink traditions surrounding Christmas and Santa’s journey from the North Pole to deliver presents each year.

In the United States, cookies and milk are laid out in anticipation of Santa’s visit. A glass of beer is more common in Australia, while sherry is a popular choice in Britain.

But why wouldn’t you help Santa with a coffee instead? After all, who wouldn’t need a pick-me-up while tackling that much traveling? And wouldn’t a warm beverage be appreciated while traveling through the Northern hemisphere?

If you would like to explore interesting facts about the North Pole or you’re curious about the coffee culture at the North Pole, here’s what you need to know.

Interesting Facts About the North Pole

north pole map

Many people have questions about the North Pole. After all, while researchers at times make trips in that direction and nature specials occasionally feature the arctic, it isn’t an area most people will ever reach.

Couple that with the North Pole serving as Santa’s home, and it isn’t a surprise that curiosity about the region is common. Here is a look at some common questions one may ask and the interesting North Pole information that serves as answers.

Where Is the North Pole?

The North Pole sits at the northernmost spot on the planet, essentially right at the northern tip of the axis. When it comes to answering, “What country is the North Pole in?” the answer is “none.” The North Pole isn’t part of any country. Instead, it sits in the Arctic.

What may surprise you is that the North Pole isn’t on land. Instead, it’s sitting on a large, thick ice sheet. That means that the North Pole is technically on the Arctic Ocean.

When it comes to the closest land to the North Pole, Nunavut, Canada is the closest officially, and Greenland is second. However, a ridge – Lomonosov Ridge – runs underneath the North Pole that three countries – Canada, Denmark, and Russia – have all tried to claim. No one has officially been given ownership of that land as of yet.

Does Anyone Live at the North Pole?

Aside from Santa (of course), no one lives at the North Pole. Some Inuit people live nearby in the Arctic, but they don’t actually reside at the North Pole. Mainly, this is because the ice shifts regularly, so creating a permanent North Pole town would be structurally challenging, if not outright impossible.

The Arctic culture helps the Inuit and other indigenous people of the arctic thrive in the far north’s harsh climate and foreboding landscape. Over the centuries, they’ve become adept at navigating the challenging terrain and living in a world that’s often covered in snow and also embody resilience and determination.

What Animals Live at the North Pole?

polar bears near the artic

Santa’s reindeer aside (which are not native to the region), some animals live in the Arctic in the area near the North Pole. Polar Bears mainly live within the Arctic Circle and have, on rare occasions, been spotted near the North Pole. The Arctic Fox has also been known to get within 60 km of the North Pole.

Ringed seals are native to the Arctic region, and their presence has been detected in the area of the North Pole. The same goes for the black-legged kittiwake and the northern fulmar – both of which are seabirds – and the snow bunting.

When it comes to the northernmost species, the North Pole sea anemone could be it. It was found directly below the North Pole in the arctic waters by Russian explorers.

Where Does Santa Live in the North Pole?

santa on his way home

Many people wonder, “Where does Santa Claus live in the North Pole?” but the answer is simply, “At the North Pole.” That mystery is part of the magic of Santa Claus.

However, there is also a not-quite North Pole town that some believe is the home of Santa Claus. Certain cultures think Santa lives in Lapland, a part of Scandinavia that resides in the arctic. Specifically, Santa Clause Village in Rovaniemi in Finland claims to be “Santa’s official North Pole Residence.”

Can You Watch Santa’s Christmas Journey?

With so many satellites, many people would assume that you could follow Santa’s journey every Christmas. Luckily, there is a way. The NORAD Santa Tracker makes it easy to see how Santa moves around the globe delivering presents each year.

Does the Sun Shine in the North Pole During Winter?

svalbard islands near north pole

Since the North Pole sits at the northernmost point on the planet, it experiences total darkness for a sizeable portion of the year. From early October to early March, sunlight doesn’t tend to hit that point on the Earth.

However, outside of that time, the North Pole does get sunshine. Throughout the summer, it’s always daylight, balancing off the total darkness from the winter.

How Cold is the North Pole?

Saying that the North Pole is chilly is likely an understatement. During the summer, the temperatures are literally freezing, averaging at 32° F (0° C). It’s even colder in the winter, with the average coming in at −40° F (−40° C). You will undoubtedly need an insulated coffee mug to enjoy your coffee outdoors.

Are the Geographic North Pole and Geomagnetic North Pole the Same?

You wouldn’t actually make it if you tried to follow a compass to the geographic North Pole. Instead, you’d reach the geomagnetic North Pole, which is actually in a different spot. Additionally, geomagnetic north moves over time, so where it takes you today isn’t the same area that those using a compass would have reached ten years ago.

Following the Polaris – the North Star – is actually a better choice for anyone hoping to reach the North Pole. Its position in the sky is nearly fixed and, once you reach your destination, it will be directly overhead.

Coffee Culture at the North Pole

espresso with candy canes

North Pole coffee culture is intriguing. Since the arctic region remains mainly dark during the winter, coffee is enjoyed daily, giving those living in the area much-needed energy boosts that make rising before the sun and staying awake beyond the sunset a bit easier to manage.

While the image of Santa drinking coffee might not be a traditional one, we can assure you that it happens. After all, overseeing the elves in the North Pole, tracking who was naughty and nice, and preparing all of those presents takes energy. Plus, Since the North Pole is dark all day, every day during the winter months, who wouldn’t appreciate a boost? Add in the chilly temperatures, and who wouldn’t want a warm drink on a cold winter day?

If you’re wondering, “Do Santa and Mrs. Claus have a favorite coffee drink?” the answer is, “Of course!” Like all people, they have a go-to coffee drink that keeps them toasty and energized throughout the winter.

Santa enjoys a nice, rich espresso with just a splash of cream. For some fun, he also enjoys using a candy cane stir stick, adding a hint of sweetness and a lovely flavor to his go-to beverage.

santas coffee

Mrs. Claus goes in a slightly different direction. She likes a bit of eggnog and a dash of nutmeg with her espresso, adding some seasonal flavors to the delectable coffee.

mrs clause coffee

As for the elves, something a bit sweeter is usually their preferred choice. Mochas, gingerbread lattes, and similar treats are often favorites, allowing them to enjoy their espresso with flavors that mimic cookies, peppermint candies, and more.

Travel with us as we explore coffee culture in Norway and Morocco.